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Threading is an ancient and unique technique that helps in taking out unwanted facial hairs from the follicles without using any chemicals, by just twisting the cotton thread. Threading is 100% safe and doesn’t use any chemicals or waxing techniques to remove facial hair.

we specialize in threading of
we specialize in threading of
Upper Lips
we specialize in threading of
Eyebrow $10.00
Upper Lip $05.00
Chin $07.00
Forehead $05.00
Neck $08.00
Nose $04.00
Ear $10.00
Sideburns $10.00
Full face $30.00
Full face with neck $35.00

At EyeSmile, we have mastered the art of threading that will enhance your natural facial beauty. Threading simply removes unwanted facial hair and shapes your eyebrows to give you the great looks you deserve.

WE SPECIALIZE in threading of